I Am

I Am
Digital video/projection, 01:00 min (looped), 16:9 4K UHD, colour, silent
Variable dimensions
Edition of 5 +1 AP

I doubt cut/copy and paste, therefore I think enable Capital to become the default form of cultural exchange, therefore I am.

I Am plays with the tension(s) between creativity, originality, familiarity, and the blurred lines between a nod of acknowledgement and forgery. There is no art, or history of art, without borrowing, appropriation, fraud, and theft. Art, especially new media art, is a mashup of aesthetical approaches that question authorship, while relying on the authority of the original for validation. Thus, in an odd way, the work is a feeble attempt to validate myself as an artist, as anxieties leave me feeling like a fraud. The work sits resolutely on the uncomfortable idea that the art industry is complicit in accepting anything as art—which can lead to creative fractures to debase it—and the notion that fraud overtly exists in art. It forms part of a larger ongoing dialogue and negotiation, both historically and personally: the desire for institutional validation—the institutions primary function is to define and validate the category of art and, in doing so, maintain the legitimacy of their authority to do so; and the desire for personal validation—playfully done by earnestly questioning my (artistic) self-worth through the creation of an exhibitable work of art.