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Must be the day for art award announcements! The 2016 Clayton Utz Art Award has been won by Kailum Graves for his artwork ‘Transillumination’. A photographic project comprised of hundreds of self-portraits created by capturing the transmission of light through different parts of his body, the work is a result of experimentation with mobile phone photography to create new and unexpected interpretations of portraiture — specifically the selfie. From Graves’ website: “Transillumination of the skin is performed to visualise subsurface blood volume and blood oxygen saturation; however, by repeating the process—there are seven hundred and fifty photos in total—the effect is subsumed to create an ambiguous sequence of images that exist somewhere between art and life, and the organic and inorganic. There’s nothing more intimate than a blood portrait—in a way it’s the ultimate selfie. However, equally, there’s nothing less ordinary than a mobile phone selfie. I view the work, which itself is a hybrid process between performance and photography, as both an abstract self-portrait and binary landscape. Viewing it like this displaces the human/non-human duality, and reflects upon the shifting boundaries between bodies and technologies, and humans and machines.” 👍

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