The Nothing That Is

Kailum-Graves-No-13-BabyNo. 13 Baby
Archival pigment print on canvas, framed
212cm x 70cm, or 121cm x 40cm
Edition of 6 + 2 AP in both sizes

The nothing that is—a slit-scan of a slit-scan.

Order and chaos, simplicity and complexity, organic and inorganic, are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum; rather, they are intertwined—one couldn’t exist without the other. Without order, nothing could exist; without chaos, nothing could grow. It is here, on the knife-edge between programming and art—between the instinct for order and the impulse towards anarchy—that I believe digital art exists. Likewise, it is here, poised between our tendency to seek meaning, and our inability to find any, that I believe art exists. Arts purpose, if there is one, is to create something thought-provoking and, perhaps, alluring. By merging the muted organic tones of nature with the loud inorganic colours of modern artefacts, such as automobiles and crystalline skyscrapers, I hope to have achieved this—an abstract landscape as ordered as it is chaotic, as simple as it is complex, and as meaningful as it is hollow.