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NES Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland
In 2017, I undertook a two-month period of research and professional development in Iceland. My practice, which spans several mediums, is experimental and diverse—I investigate different media and photographic methods, from appropriation to pixel and data manipulation, to create unique and innovative works (if I may say so myself). This is a visual journal of research projects and rough workings I investigated during my residency.



Life in a post-Communist, Late Capitalist World  //  What are we fighting for? Who knows. When do they want it? Whenever.  |  A 1 minute test edit from a 30 minute improvisation by Kerryn McMurdo / Artillery Performance

The Eternity of the Instant  |  38 seconds of the Greenland Sea per still frame

It’s so Nice to Stand here with You and Experience the Ephemerality of Being  |  A slit-scan of a slit-scan of a slit-scan of the moonlit ocean

Without Loneliness, I Am Nothing  |  Aurora Borealis. On a cliff. Solo. Trapped in my mind. Fucking emotional cry-baby.

B-Grade Universal Truths for B-Grade People  |  Skagaströnd’s Seafront

 The Difference between Me and My God’s Eye View of the World is that I’m not Conceited  |  Iceland from 36,000 feet

Neurofibrillary Tangles  |  1 second of the Greenland Sea per still frame

Fuck Skepticism  |  The flight paths of black-legged kittiwakes

To Me, You Will Always Be A Time Of Day  |  Early morning walks around the cliffs

The Limits of Air-breathing Aquatic or Sea Mammals  |  Greenland Sea

Lateral Adhesion  |  Early morning snow shower