No End To The Road

No End To The Road, Kulturforum Witten, Germany
From January to December 2024, I am undertaking a period of research and professional development in Witten to create experiential spaces for new digital forms of expression. This is a visual journal of research projects, preliminary studies, and rough workings I am investigating during my stay.


Dancing Pixels vs. Deutsche Bahn

My Criteria for Bacteria Hysteria in a Cafeteria
Thousands of petri dishes, each harbouring a bustling community of bacteria.

Shadows and Light
Shadows and Light is an introspective self-portrait that delves into the complex landscape of living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. The self portrait captures the nuanced interplay between the enveloping shadows of past traumas and the ephemeral glimpses of light that symbolise moments of healing and understanding. Through a blend of stark contrasts and subtle transitions, the portrait explores the depths of vulnerability and resilience inherent in the human spirit. Composed of ten different self portraits captured in different moods and moments, the mix reflects the layered experiences of memory, emotion, and healing. Textures vary, symbolising the uneven terrain of the journey. Dark, heavy tones represent the weight of historical pain, while brighter tones emerge as symbols of hope and renewal. It offers a window into the soul of someone navigating the delicate balance of darkness and light within themselves, providing a poignant reminder of the strength required to confront one’s innermost fears and scars.

Kruger National Park vs Kruger National Park vs Kruger National Park
Pixels dancing at Kruger National Park, South Africa